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BT Rotary valves (Blow Through)

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These valves can be installed in narrow places. They are adequate for cohesive or humid materials that would bring down the conveying capacity if dosed by conventional valves. They do not require pneumatic ejector. Circular flanges for material's throughput allow for direct connection either to the piping or to flexible tubes using quick couplings. Dedusting is integrated to the housing of the valve. Constructed of carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel.
Rotary valves Blow through (or simply BT rotary valves) are rotary valves with a built-in nozzle. Because of this peculiarity, they are indicated for places where there is high-pressure and also for materials that are compacted with certain ease, a rotary valve BT considerably reduces the air leakage of a system (in relation to the conventional rotary valve),  because it is 2 products in 1 its installation is easier and cheaper than the installation of the conventional rotary valve.
Attention to this type of valve is that they can not be placed in series (one injector will overload the other, so it is advisable to fit rotary valves with normal injectors).
  •       · Works in wide temperature range from -10°C to + 60°C;
  •       · Housing in aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron;
  •       · The rotor with its 12 chambers minimizes air leaks;
  •       · Equipped with self-lubricating bearings;
  •       · Drive by gearmotor or chain drive.
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