Zeppelin Systems


Special Silos
Specially designed to comply with the customer's need, as, for example, Blending Silos, which are utilized to homogenize products.
Spheriseg Dome-type Valve
Valve for pneumatic conveying systems through conveying vessels
Its main function is the sealing of the system.
The TRACEMAT® consists of a carrousel for raw materials. The integrated control system keeps a precise log for each ingredient used in the mixture, guaranteeing exact composition and origin of each charge, completely flexible and error-proof.
They are movable aluminum silos for up to 102m³ of storage capacity. They have a concrete base without foundations and can be moved inside a plant according to customer needs and layout.
Two Way Chute
The perfect equipment to divert the material flow between two ways
Assembled in vertical throughput position
Manual, motor or pneumatic drive
Can be operated with high temperature and abrasive materials
Angle of slope 20, 30 or 45 º
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